Graham Goulden, Training Consultant

Graham Goulden, Training Consultant

Graham Goulden, BA, is an MVP Strategies training consultant. For thirty years he has been a UK police officer and Chief Investigator specializing in criminal investigation, drug investigation, training, and crime prevention. For the past eight years he has been a key member of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit.

Since 2010 Graham has been developing MVP-Scotland in high schools across the country. He has conducted numerous trainings in Scotland, England, Sweden, and the States. In addition to conducting MVP trainings, Graham has expert knowledge and experience in embedding MVP within local government, and has been able to build a sustainable model that has allowed MVP to develop both locally and nationally in high school, university and workplace settings.

Graham holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Studies and a Certificate in Training from Napier University, Edinburgh. He lives with his family in Edinburgh.

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